Niagara/Concord Blend-With an Oak Barrel

Well, here is a useful skill!  How to make home made wine the old fashioned way.  No carboys of juice, no air locks, no wine yeast, no hydrometer -- just natural fermentation run wild**!  And if you don't get wine, you should get some great vinegar!

After reading these pages, click here, for a micro-brew example, no special equipment and just a few bottles.  After all this, if you still want more -- how about dandelion wine?

**Note:  Not quite fermentation run wild.  My Dad and Uncles made a lot of wine this way and it was pretty drinkable.  They learned year-by-year on how to adjust to get the right sugar content and also how to store it.  You leave it alone in a sealed barrel and siphon off what you need.  Once you put it into a bottle, fill it to the top and keep it sealed until use -- then drink it!  If you leave it, the contact with air will quickly turn it brown and sour the taste.

© John and Domenic Murtari 2011